Where I Stand

  1. Pro-Life: I believe in the sanctity of life, from conception through death.
  2. Pro-Choice: I believe in a woman's choice on what she can do with her body.
  3. Pro-Child: I want to give all children the opportunity to live and not just be born.
  4. A black child born in U.S. today will likely face greater obstacles throughout life than a white child born today.  That's a tragedy that should affect us all.
  5. The disparity between the richest and the poorest should not be as great as it is.
  6. The U.S. is the land of opportunity.  Those who have benefitted from that opportunity should desire the same for others.
  7. Love does not stop at our borders.
  8. First responders and soldiers put their lives on the line for our safety.  They've earned the benefit of my doubt.
  9. Morality starts in the home.  Teaching children right and wrong choices is the primary duty of parents.
  10. I follow Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  All have the choice to believe or not believe the same.

Whether you agree with any or all of this, know that I love you.  I welcome discussion and even disagreement.  Peace to you all.

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