Undercover Boss

One of the reality shows I've enjoyed is Undercover Boss, where the CEO of a major corporation masks his (the CEO was a man in all of the shows I watched) identity while he works with some of his employees.  The best part of the show is the reveal, where they find out his true identity.  At that time, he usually recognizes their talents and bestows them with a personal gift that he found out they needed during his time with them.  The viewers can usually see the incredulity in the employees' faces.  Harder to tell is whether they find it harder to believe that they worked side-by-side with their CEO or that he would take a personal interest in their lives.

Today, we celebrate the birth of our Savior.  But to fully appreciate this day, I believe we need to step back and consider His true identity: Son of God, King of Kings.  He, who was there at creation, humbled himself to be in the flesh.  Why would the Creator of the world step down from His world?  To better relate to us?  No, He is all-knowing.  I believe God knows our thoughts and feelings without having to come in the flesh.  Rather, I believe He came so that we can better relate to Him.  

In a few months, we'll celebrate His reveal.  When Jesus died and rose after three days, He declared once and for all that He is God and conquered death.  For now, let us cherish the fact that our Boss of Bosses has been born.  

Merry Christmas to all.

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