God's Will: A 12-hour Journey

Our life group is learning from a study on "Discovering God's Will" and, wouldn't you know it -- Peggy and I had a chance to put it into practice two days ago.

The Call:
Peg woke up earlier than usual.  Before she got out of bed, she read the Bible and prayed that God's will would reign in her life.  A few minutes later, her phone rang.  A woman we know called to ask if we would take care of her 2-year old son for 6 months.  We have known this boy since birth and loved him as one of our own.  If we said, "No," he would be in the care of strangers through the foster system.  But to say, "Yes," would mean that Peggy couldn't get a part time job as we'd been planning in order to pay for Luke and Bella's education.  Based on our experience last year, it was important that they attend a school that shares our worldview and values.

The more we discussed the options, the more frustrated we grew.  In order to take care of the boy, at least one of our children would need to attend public school (which, by the way, would start in two days instead of in four weeks).  It was hard because we knew that we couldn't say no to taking the boy.  From the day of his birth, God's had a plan for him that's involved us.

The Prayer:
In the midst of our emotions, we prayed.  We prayed for God's will be clear and that we would be wise enough to make the right choices.  We dared to remind God that He would be respond to our faith with faith.  We affirmed our belief that He would provide, as He always has.

The Answer:
We decided on the calls that needed to be made and went our separate ways.  One of the items on Peggy's agenda for the day was to go by the kids' new school to drop off some paperwork.  In the few minutes she was there, the love, faith and community she witnessed convinced her that both of our children needed to attend.  That was the answer to our first prayer was answered: It's His will that our children attend the school.  Hours later, in case it wasn't clear enough, that was reaffirmed.  We were offered a solution that would allow us to afford for both children to attend even if Peggy doesn't work.  (I can't provide details on how that came about, but, suffice it to say that it's completely unnatural and unexpected.)

What I Learned:
  1. All we need is God's will.  We don't need to know how it's going to work; we just need to know who's asking us to do it.  (Ro 12:2, Job 42:2)
  2. He loves our children more than we do.  What He has planned for them is what's best for them.  (Jer 29:11)
  3. To know that God hears our prayers is the greatest assurance one can imagine. (Col 4:2)
  4. The sooner I align my will with His (in big and small things), the less painful the journey will be for me.  (Prv 19:21, 16:9)

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  1. Wonderful testimony. It is great and encouraging to see God answering prayer and people faithfully seeking Him and obeying what He is revealing to you to do. Blessings.


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