Still Giving Thanks

Yesterday, America celebrated Thanksgiving.  Many gathered with family, friends, loved ones and counted our blessings.  For many, the blessing came in the form of abundant food.

Today, I give thanks.  Tomorrow, I will give thanks again.  Rather, I will give thanks still.  I don't say this to be contrarian though I don't mind the label.    As a Christian, we're admonished to give "thanks always for everything to God the Father."  (Eph 5:20)  There are no conditions and there are no time limits.  We're to give thanks, not because of our circumstances but because of God.  God is immutable -- He was, is, and will be the same God.  Part of His immutable nature is of love.  That love led His Son to come in human form so that we may have the choice of being reconciled with Him.

Like many in America, as I write this, I recount in my mind my many blessings.  But those blessings may be lost at the blink of an eye.  Those blessings alone will not keep me grounded in giving thanks.  It's only in staying focused on a loving God that I can always give thanks.

    Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good;
    His faithful love endures forever.  (Ps 106:1, HCSB)

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