The Kingdom Agenda by Tony Evans

"The kingdom agenda, then, may be defined as the visible demonstration of the comprehensive rule of God over every area of life." (Pg. 28)

With these words, Dr. Tony Evans seeks to bring all of God's chosen subjects under His lordship.  When we bow down before the King of Kings, we must be aware if we hold back parts of our lives from Him.  Let us not be mistaken that we either submit to Him fully or we fail to fully accept His Lordship.  This should be a welcome reminder for all followers of Christ as we, all too often, compartmentalize our life into family, work, and church.  That is to say, we withhold 2/3 of our lives from His Lordship.

In Part One, anticipating and addressing any objections, Dr. Evans adeptly lays out the theological foundation of of the Kingdom agenda.  If we profess to believe the words of our Holy Scripture, then that Scripture tells the we are to seek His Kingdom, not only eternally but for His Kingdom to reign here and now.  (1Ch 29:11, Mt 6:13)

With that foundation set, Dr. Evans then carefully addresses the effects of a Kingdom worldview in each of the subsequent sections:

  • Part Two: One Life Under God (Individual transformation and responsibility)
  • Part Three: One Family Under God (Role of the Family and each member of the family)
  • Part Four: One Church Under God (Church is both the means and manifestation of His Kingdom on earth)
  • Part Five: One Nation Under God (How the Church should and is intended to participate in government and spread Biblical ethos)
This book is an excellent resource for those who need that extra nudge to live a life of discipleship.  With a perfect blend of Scriptural truth and anecdotes and stories, Dr. Evans presents difficult material in a way that is both convincing and understandable.  Further, each chapter includes enough depth and detail so it will occupy a prominent place on my shelf for continued reference.  

(Evans, Tony, The Kingdom Agenda, Chicago, Moody Publishers, 2013)

Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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