WHOM do you Thank?

"Thank You" -- such a simple phrase and yet so easy to take for granted.  Our son, Luke, has a generous nature.  He's often buying things for his little sister.  Her "thank yous" are all the "payment" he needs.  There's something magical when someone expresses their gratitude.  Now, imagine the difference if she dropped the "you."  Imagine how Luke feels if she just said, "This toy you bought for me makes me feel thankful."

I love this season of Thanksgiving.  We unashamedly gather together with family, friends, and loved ones to express thanks for our many blessings.  Though I wish each day was a day of thanksgiving, one day or one month is still better than none at all.  However, as we count our blessings, let us remember whom we're thanking.  Certainly, we're not sitting around the turkey saying, "I feel good about...." family, friends, love, career, etc.  No, we gather with our loved ones so that we can thank the grantor of those gifts...our Lord in heaven, the You we thank.

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