Fear in the Morning

Growing up, I'd wake up some mornings and just want to stay in bed.  The night before, my mom had been upset...no, furious.  Not knowing whether her temper had cooled, I preferred to stay in bed.  Sometimes, not often, I'd hear a hint of cheer in her voice in the next room and know it was safe to emerge.

These memories came back this morning.  Luke woke up early (as usual for a weekend).  But instead of coming downstairs, he stayed upstairs.  I knew it was because of my anger from last night.  I'd allowed us to go to bed angering and him to wake up with fear and doubt.

No matter the reason, I don't desire for my children to wake up in fear.  Don't get me wrong.  I, as a parent, have a duty to teach and, when necessary, to discipline.  However, I also have a responsibility for sheltering and protecting.  They should know that no matter what they've done, my love and desire to protect them is unyielding.  Any anger at their actions cannot be allowed to fester and stunt their joy.

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  1. This is such a good reminder for every parent. Thank you!
    I remember the first time my dad ever apologized to me. It was about a year and a half ago. I don't think my mom has ever done that. I want to be the parent that God has called me to be too. I want to love, accept, teach, discipline and when it is needed...apologize for when I make mistakes.
    You and Peggy are great parents! Maybe not perfect parents, but godly and headed toward holy. I love that I get to be your friend!


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