Valley's Goodwill Mission

Several weeks ago, a member of the church brought to our attention a Goodwill fundraising program.  If we committed to filling a certain, minimum number of bins, Goodwill would pay us for each bin.  It sounded simple enough, until we saw the size of each bin.  It takes about 15 yard-sized trash bags to fill each bin.  On top of that, large furniture, television and computers would count toward that total.

Though discouraged, we knew the Valley family had come through before.  Even if we could collect enough to fill just 15 bins, that's still several hundred dollars for the trip. 

This morning, the truck showed up.  After a tour of the room where the donations had been stored, they estimated about 10 bins worth of items.  Not bad....but then people started pulling up with cars, vans and trucks full of donations.  Before long, it was obvious the 18 bins they'd brought in the truck wouldn't be enough.  Another truck was needed and with it, they brought another 15 bins...."just to be safe."  By the end of the day, 32 bins had been filled.  We, including the Goodwill representatives, marveled at how the items seemed to have multiplied.  What initially appeared to be barely 10 bins had more than tripled.

One of the early objectives for the team has been making sure we're not just a bunch of individuals traveling across the world with our personal agendas.  We view this trip as an extension of Valley's mission...we go as ambassadors of Valley.  

The thrill we felt at the end of the day was so much more than just realizing how much money we'd raised with our "junk."  In filling 32 bins, our church family had affirmed that they're "all in."  In filling those bins just months after donating for a yard sale, our church family was telling us that we're not going alone.  The money raised would not only help to pay for the trip, but it would also pay children's bibles at the church in Kenya, toys/crafts for the children's games/gathering we'll be hosting, and supplies for the schools.  In filling those bins, Valley had affirmed that those things are important to them.

Valley family: Thank you for encouraging and inspiring us with your big, AWESOME hearts.  As Pastor Mike H. would say, your loving response has been CRAZY!!

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