Packing List for Africa

I've made my packing list.  Since I probably won't be able to run to the store if I forget anything, I figured I'd better be prepared.  I'm an Excel kind of guys so I started typing on a spreadsheet.  Sixty six rows later...I'm wondering how much it'll cost for an extra suitcase.  In all seriousness, I look at the list and marvel at what I believe I need.  What's the worst that happens if I don't have all the electronics (iphone, kindle, cables, chargers, adapters, etc. etc.).

So I asked myself:
  • What would I really really regret if I somehow forgot it?  Phone
  • What would other really really regret if I somehow forgot it?  Deodorant
  • What do I hope I'll never need to use?  Immodium AD
  • What do I need for our primary purpose(s) there?  Us
I had some fun making the list and writing the blog.  At the same time, it did help me to realize how easily our 'niceties' become 'necessities.'  Rather than packing for what I "need" and using the space leftover for gifts and games, shouldn't it be the reverse?

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