Leading & Following: Well Done

Whether we accept it or not, we're all born to be leaders.  That role is defined not by our will or intent, but by those who choose to follow us.  Besides the traditional positions of leadership (father, manager, pastor, etc.), we may have "followers" who are family members, coworkers, or even casual acquaintances.

The point is, we may not always know when we're being watched and followed.  So to be safe, we should be deliberate in our actions to ensure we're not leading people astray.  My hope, my faith is perfectly expressed in the words of "Well Done,"
If people walk with me, talk with me, looking for truth
They're gonna find out soon
If they're following me, then they're gonna follow You
So let my life speak loud and clear
Lord, I wanna hear
Well done, well done
("Well Done," Written by: Moriah Peters, Chad Cates, Jason Walker)

As if it isn't enough that we're responsible for our own actions, Scripture reminds us again and again that we are also responsible for those we affect...positively or negatively.

As a Christian, we can all talk about our purpose of making disciples, living righteously and obediently, love God and our neighbors....  In the end, we can summarize all of that with one simple goal -- to hear our Lord say to us, "Well done."

Enjoy the song:

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