Meet Skyler

Meet Skyler.  He's not "ours" but for the first 40 days of his life, we have the privilege of caring for him and loving him as our own.

Safe Families seeks to fill a gap in our foster and welfare system.  Imagine being a parent doing everything you know how to care for your children.  Unexpectedly, you lose your job, your home, or your health...requiring an extended hospital stay.  You have no one to care for your children.  Safe Families works with various churches to screen and qualify "host families," who willingly become the hands and feet of Christ to those in need.  While others may quibble over the shortcomings of the foster care system or parents needing to take personal responsibility, Safe Families answers the calling to care for the least of us (Matt 25:31 - 40).

We've had Skyler for about 3 1/2 weeks.  During that time, I've wanted to share him with all of you but felt the need to hold back.  I share him now in the hopes that maybe someone reading this will be prompted to seek out Safe Families.  There's a need and it truly doesn't take much.  We don't have any special qualification to care for newborns.  All it takes is a bit of time and lots of love (which make those sleepless nights bearable).   And for that bit of effort, the rewards are so great.  Nothing quite compares with the joy of seeing a little creation develop with the first opening of his eyes, the first smile (or was that gas?), the first bath...  We have been inspired by acquaintances, friends, family and our church as they've responded by donating meals, formula, toys, supplies, diapers, prayer, and general love and concern.

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