Lyrical Worship?

I can't say what's gotten over me.  Perhaps my son's hip-hoppityness has gotten the best of me.

In a world clamoring for notoriety,
Being unknown carries a stain of impropriety,
Moment of fame, the goal of society,
As for me, for One, I seek with my piety.

Working daily to keep up with those around me,
Another car, more bling and a bigger t.v.,
Value things more than my own family,
As for me, true treasure waits in eternity.

Praises and comfort we seek from everyone,
Pretending all's fine and having fun,
Deep inside, hurting, searching for the Son,
As for me, I seek Thee to say, "Well done."

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  1. Next thing you know people will be mistaking you for Toby Mac.


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