Receiving Blessings

Have you ever greeted a stranger and, in return, received a look that seems to say, "Who are you and what do you want?"  Maybe you've offered to help someone at the grocery store and been rebuffed.  When I had first moved to New York, I was told to avoid eye contact when riding the subway.  It's hard to wish someone a good morning or pleasant evening when they avoid looking at you.

Perhaps people have good reason for cynicism.  Maybe they've been hurt before.  However, it's tragic to think that the very people who may need it the most miss out on simple blessings.

I have no simple solutions for overcoming cynicism.  I thought of writing a few bullets on overcoming distrust.  But they felt forced.  Maybe distrust is even warranted.  However, I can't avoid the grief in thinking that pain begets pain.  As we're hurt, we can tend to go deeper into our shell preventing others from walking with us toward healing.

Last Saturday, we helped hundreds of families with food for the holidays.  Each family was provided with three heavy bags of food.  As we came alongside them with carts to ease their load, many rejected our efforts.  Others wouldn't look us in the eyes -- likely caused by shame and pride.  Still others tried to take more than their allowance -- a small battle they could win to maintain a sense of control.

Food For Life from Crazy Cow Productions on Vimeo.

My prayer this Thanksgiving is that more people will find it in their hearts to receive blessings.  Only then will they see that God truly does work through his faithful disciples.  I also pray that those called to serve do nothing to threaten the fragile trust we humans have in each other.

True thanks come when we appreciate what we've received.  The greatest thanks, however, come when we realize the blessings are undeserved and yet intended solely for us.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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