Kenya Beckons

A year and a half ago, I spent three weeks with God.  While that sounds dramatic, it's the best way I can describe my experience in Cameroon.  For most of the three weeks, we were in the remote (even by Cameroonian standards) village of Lassin without running water or electricity.  When you wake up in the middle of the night, there's nothing to do but pray.  For many hours over many nights, I talked with God.  One recurring conversation was how I ended up there and why I went.  I may never know God's purpose but mine became simpler and clearer with time: He called.  Personally, I had nothing to gain and even less to offer.  (Our project was to build the roof for a church.  I was so ill-equipped I had to buy a hammer and tool belt.)  There was no noble purpose in going.  Many family and friends, even without voicing it, must have wondered whether I'd gone off the deep end and traveled such a distance while leaving Peggy and our kids.

One of the struggles many Christian have is in discerning the will of God.  Cameroon was the first and still clearest time where I knew, without a doubt, that's where God wanted me.  The villagers who had faced many struggles found joy in knowing the Americans (including the Asian "Jackie," as I was known there) had traveled many miles to serve God and them.  Pastors traveled many miles on their scooters to join us in study, worship, and service.  And, I need not deny, my heart danced knowing the Spirit was alive within me. Even as I write this, I'm frustrated by my inability to communicate the sheer joy in knowing that I was doing exactly what our Lord wanted.

I share all this to provide some background on why I'm excited to consider an opportunity to go to Kenya next July.  For years now, our church partnered with ministries serving on the ground in Kenya.  We've had the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to look after the sick, orphans, and widows (and chickens).  We also have the opportunity to finally meet children we've loved through Tumaini Ministries.  (To learn more of life in Kenya, take a look at the blog of our dear friend Emily, who spent last summer teaching in Kenya.)

As my family and I prayerfully prepare our hearts for this wonderful opportunity, I ask that each of you join us in prayer.
  • May we go with servants' hearts willing to do what's needed to care for, comfort and bring joy to others.  
  • May the love we share stem from the overflowing love we enjoy ourselves from knowing Jesus.  
  • May our hearts and motives be pure and selfless -- to please and honor our Lord through service.  
  • May any who are called to go have no concerns about finances. 


  1. This is so incredible. It makes my heart smile! Thank you for being a selfless follower of Jesus!

    1. Emily, Thanks. You've been an amazing inspiration since your parents shared your blog with us last summer.


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