Gotcha Day - 4 Years

Four years ago today, we held our daughter, Bella, for the first time.  The first time she laid eyes on us, she bawled and only stopped when her brother sang her, "Amazing Grace."  Though she was already 15 months old at that point, it would still be weeks before she could sit up on her own.  It would be months before she could walk and a couple of years before she trusted us enough to truly consider us her family.

Today, we couldn't stop her from dancing if we tried.  Her song and words bring joy to us all.  She brings a touch of gentility to complement her brother's wildness.

We have been blessed in so many ways with Bella.  Happy Gotcha Day my beloved baby girl.

Within minutes of holding her for the first time
The day after...Bella could walk with help but had neither the strength or the confidence to walk on her own.
Our travel group - when you take a journey like this together, you develop strong bonds.


  1. I love this, Rick, and I love you guys! Bella is such a sweet, precious girl, and your family blesses me and our church more than I can put into words. Happy Gotcha Day!

    1. Thanks so much Jess and thanks for everything you do to lead us closer to God. It's such a blessing to look forward to seeing our family at church each Sunday.

  2. This trip changed us all in so many ways! God gave so much more than we ever anticipated. Our beautiful daughters! Love and joy all bundled up in those precious bodies. And lifelong friends! Amen!


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