Elections and Babysitters

It's the day after elections.  If the social media is an accurate reflection, you're either dancing with joy or dejected.  This is true whether you're a Christian or not.  But all believers, I offer this as a reminder of the context of this election to eternity.

Last Friday, Peggy and I were blessed with a long, overdue date night.  A large part of that blessing was finding a loving babysitter with whom we entrusted our children.  Before we chose this babysitter, we looked for input from our children to see if they had any major objections.  While we'd listen, the decision was ours since their standards may not be the same as ours.  Like them, we want somebody who's fun and can relate to them.  However, more important to us is a babysitter who's responsible and will look out for the best interests of our children.  Thankfully, we found someone who meets all of those criteria.  Even if we hadn't, we would expect our children to treat our chosen babysitter with respect and obey her....within limits.  (We would allow our kids to resist if the babysitter is doing anything that's blatantly dangerous/harmful and obviously against the fundamentals that we've taught them.  Those are intended to be narrow limits.)

Peg and I are human and, therefore, imperfect.  Try as we might, we don't always make the best or wisest choices.  (We have been blessed with wonderful babysitters but, in our limitations, we're bound to make mistakes.)  If, in spite of our imperfections, we expect our children to respect and obey our chosen guardian, what would our all-knowing, sovereign Father in heaven expect of us?  (Rom 13:1)  I would take it a step further.  Not only are we to respect and obey (again, within limits), we are to do it joyfully.  (Rom 13:5)  Whether you personally voted for the current president or not, remember that God is sovereign.  The American people have been heard, but it was God who chose.  Because of the hope that we have in God, let us rejoice in the freedoms in this world and the true (greater) freedoms in being reconciled.  The hope that we, as believers, have does not depend on the decisions made in the next four years.  Ultimately, we need to cling to the fact that any guardian we have in this world is but a flicker in the shining light of eternity. "If we have hoped in Christ in this life only, we are of all men most to be pitied." (1 Cor 15:19)

So for all my brothers and sisters in the faith out there, whether you're dancing with joy or dejected, let us keep your eyes up above.  Let us honor and respect our Father's chosen.  Let us continue to do His will and follow His commands to love Him, love others, and glory Him in all things.

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