My Epitaph

What would I want to be inscribed on my tombstone?  Some may find it grim that I'm planning for my death. I'm just trying to make it easier on Peggy so she can just pick out the material and font for my tombstone without having to figure out the wording.

Actually, having my epitaph now gives me a clear mission toward which I can align my life.  Articulating it publicly invites those I trust and value to hold me accountable.

He reflected our loving Savior.
For ages, children in church have sung, "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so."  While it's true, I've been blessed to now grasp his love in deeper and broader ways -- intellectually, emotionally, and Spiritually.  My life's greatest accomplishment would be to share that love with anyone with whom I come in contact.

But let me be clear.  While I want to love all of humanity, it doesn't comes easily or naturally to me.  Rather, what's natural is to be impatient and judgmental.  Only when I realize and remember that love for, from and through Jesus can true love for my neighbors manifest itself.

So there you have it.

  • Hon, it's $50/letter so we'd better start saving now.  
  • Brothers and sisters of the faith, hold me to it.  
  • Father, mold, chisel, and fire away.  I pray that I will be transformed for your glory.  Amen.


  1. Ok, my brother you have done it again. This is something that I try to keep on the forefront of my mind. In those times when I am feeling tired, selfish, or unconcerned, I am reminded by the Holy Spirit of how I would like to be remembered. So... Here is mine.
    Loved and served Jesus by loving and serving people

    I think that Gene may have to take out a loan! ;-)

    1. What a wonderful privilege we have to serve Him. You've got my mind going for another blog post. :)


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