Serving God...NOW!

Since returning from Cameroon almost six months ago, I've been restless.  To be truthful, even while in Cameroon, I was already coming up with grand schemes on how I could serve God.  Like Peter, all that we'd experienced on the trip had inflamed my passion for service.  Reading books by David Platt and Richard Stearns only added fuel.  Again, like Peter, who'd offered to build tabernacles for Jesus, Moses and Eijah, I wanted to do something...something BIG!

Needs abound while we are so blessed.  Millions die each day from lack of necessities or from preventable diseases.  The number of orphans or children who've been abandoned continues to grow.  Natural disasters indiscriminately devastate in the U.S. and worldwide.

Peg and I have talked about things we can and should be doing.  Perhaps we (including the kids) will go on a short term mission to an orphanage in Mexico.  Or, there's always seems to be a need for volunteers in the South or the Caribbean after a hurricane.  Or maybe we're to serve longer term in China or Taiwan where I can speak the language.

Last month, I had lunch with our Pastor.  At that point, my urge to do something had become like a nervous tick.  I spent hours on the Internet looking at various mission opportunities.  Pastor Mike wisely advised that we not make any decisions out of restlessness but to do it out of peace.

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