Why Blog?

Several months ago, when I'd embarked on an adventure to Cameroon, I created a blog to keep family and friends up to date on preparations.  I found it a useful way to exchange heartfelt ponderings.  For a self-avowed geek, my brain works slowly.  Some blog entries have taken days to evolve.  I know it's hard to believe considering the quality of some of those entries, but imagine the quality if I'd just blurted it out.

Most of my entries will center around my walk with the Lord, Jesus Christ, because much of what's on my mind and heart is Jesus Christ.  I admit, it's scary to walk so openly.  It's a step of faith, if you will, as I expect to be held accountable.  Whether you're a follower of Christ or not, I hope anyone reading (which may just be my wife) will challenge me to walk a straight path.  I will assume that any criticism you have is out of love and concern so fire away.  I blog for the sake of transparency.

While there are a lot of "I's" in this entry, I hope anyone reading will take a seat in this virtual living room and have a chat!

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