Private Faith vs. Greatest Sale on Earth

For many, faith is a private matter.  That's hard for me.  One of my great fears is that I will stand at the gate of judgment and see a loved one on the wrong side.

I'm a bargain hunter (which is a nice way of saying a cheapskate).  Some of my great joys (to Peg's chagrin) stem from finding the good deal.  Imagine finding an ad for a $100 new car.  Wouldn't you want to share that with your loved ones?  Now imagine if you hadn't and they later found out about it.  My choice to accept Jesus is such a bargain.  For nothing out of our pockets, He gave us the choice of blissful eternity.  With any great bargain, there's the fine print.  1) This is a limited time offer.  I can't tell you when it expires and that expiration varies for each of us.   2) You must make a choice.  Not choosing is, in itself, a choice.  3) Though the choice itself it free, life after that choice may not be easy.  You may be shunned, mocked, or even persecuted.  But eventually, the warranty kicks in, restores us to better than new condition, and lasts forever.

I'm not here to make you choose, nor am I going to try to convince you any further.  There's another greater than I who'll do that.  However, because I'm bubbling with excitement, I'm always eager to talk about my personal bargain and try to answer any questions you may have (I do a lot of research when bargain hunting). And, when the time comes and you need a ride or just want some company, give me a call!

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